Powerful Environment Monitoring

Tube leaks detection. heat rate calculations. dry scrubber control. environmental reporting. It’s all possible with our robust H2O moisture sensor.
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Paper Mills

Humidity control can help improve the energy efficiency of drying processes in the pulp and paper industry.
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Industrial Applications

The H2O sensor saves industrial manufacturers time and money by detecting variables in the manufacturing process and allowing corrections to be made in real time.
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Introducing the H2O Moisture Sensor

  • Industrial Control Applications
  • Real-time Absolute Humidity
  • High Temperature Operation (works up to - 850 F)
  • High Pressure Operation (60 atm)

H2O Sensor Technology Manual

Everything you wanted to know about the H2O Moisture Sensor.
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Welcome to Humidity 2 Optimization (H2O)

Industrial High Temperature Humidity Sensors

Get accurate, reliable moisture measurement with the H2O Absolute Humidity Sensor. This sensor uses a unique “dipole” sensor technology to measure the number of water molecules in a fixed volume chamber. High temperature and very dirty processes are not an issue for the analyzer. Plus, no other company in the industry has this technology! Learn more about Humidity 2 Optimization.

H2O Moisture Sensor in operation at a powerplant.