Power Plant Applications

Humidity 2 Optimization offers an absolute humidity sensor that is accurate and tough enough to be installed from the economizer outlet to the stack in power plant applications.

The absolute humidity sensor is designed to be used in the following applications at coal/biomass fired boilers and combined cycle power plants:

Combined Cycle Plant

  • Tube leak detection
  • Dew point measurement
  • Verhoff equation input
  • Environmental reporting
  • Power augmentation

Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers

  • Tube leak detection
  • Soot blower feedback
  • Heat rate calculations
  • Air heater in-leakage
  • Dry scrubber control – adiabatic saturation temperature
  • Environmental reporting
  • Wet scrubber stack protection
  • Pulverizer control

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For high particulate, high temperature operations with minimal maintenance and accurate readings, ask about the H2O humidity sensor for power plant applications.

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H20 Moisture Sensor Applications

Air heater in-leakage
Dry scrubber control
Environmental reporting
And much more...

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H2O Sensor Technology Manual

Everything you wanted to know about the H2O Moisture Sensor.
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