Absolute Humidity Sensor

Dipole H2O Sensing Technology

Humidity 2 Optimization offers an absolute humidity sensor that uses a unique “di-pole” sensor technology for measuring the number of water molecules in a fixed volume chamber. This moisture sensor is designed for industrial control applications and can provide real time absolute humidity in the exhaust of any dryer (flakt, flash, powder, pulp or spray), oven, kiln or boiler.

Moisture Measurement with H2O Sensor

Our H2O moisture sensor is devised to detect moisture in process conditions that cannot be sustained by common techniques such as capacitance, resistance, infra-red or chilled mirror measurements. The absolute humidity sensor utilizes our proprietary H2O sensing technology for precise measurement under the most difficult conditions at temperatures up to 450°C (842°F).

Particulates, organics, and condensing compounds have no effect on our sensors; as such the in-situ measurement, heated probe and special ceramic surface filters allow the absolute humidity sensor to work in very dirty, high particulate, high humidity environments. The direct vapor phase mass measurement is unrivaled in accuracy, resolution, and reliability in harsh environments.

About H20

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H20 Moisture Sensor Applications

Air heater in-leakage
Dry scrubber control
Environmental reporting
And much more...

Technology Document

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H2O Sensor Technology Manual

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