Spray Drying Application

Humidity Gauge

Spray Dryer capacity is limited by the total moisture in the air leaving the spray-drying chamber. If the dryer exhaust humidity is too high, the product tends to buildup. If the exhaust humidity is too low, capacity is under-utilized and energy is wasted. To maximize dryer capacity, the dryer should be operated as close as possible to the determined maximum exhaust humidity for the specific product on that dryer. The humidity gauge by H2O can help enhance production performance.

Spray Dryer Moisture Sensor

Our moisture sensor, utilizing our proprietary H2O sensing technology, allows for precise control during the spray drying processes. The result is stability, reliability, reduced downtime, improved product quality and energy savings. Our humidity gauge is a key control solution to your spray dryer applications.

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About H2O Optimization

For flash and spray dryer applications, learn how the H2O humidity gauge sensor can optimize your drying production output and improve product quality. We have the solution to control moisture in your product. Call us today at 847-991-7488.

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H20 Moisture Sensor Applications

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