About H2O

Humidity 2 Optimization is a process instrumentation company specializing in absolute humidity sensors. Our humidity sensors utilize our proprietary dipole sensing technology for precise measurement under the most difficult conditions – high temperature and very dirty processes.

Based outside Chicago, H2O has created a unique humidity transmitter that offers accurate and reliable moisture measurement and is ideally suited for industrial control applications.

Industrial Applications

The H2O sensor does not require maintenance which is why industrial plants can incorporate the sensor for control and improve the efficiencies of various processes. Current applications include: boilers, spray dryers, conveyor dryers, flakt dryers, flash dryers, dry scrubbers, bag house protection, yankee dryers, air pollution control, chemical reaction feedback and many others.
Industrial and manufacturing plants that use the sensor have seen many benefits including:

  • Increased dryer capacity
  • Identification of upset conditions
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Energy optimization and steam control

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H20 Moisture Sensor Applications

Air heater in-leakage
Dry scrubber control
Environmental reporting
And much more...

Technology Document

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H2O Sensor Technology Manual

Everything you wanted to know about the H2O Moisture Sensor.
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