Optimizing Biomass Fuel Moisture to improve Waste to Energy Plant Efficiency

Why is moisture in biomass detrimental for Combustion?

  • What is biomass moisture content?
  • What are the two types of moisture content in biomass?

Moisture percentage ranges in a good quality fuel

Managing Steam loads with fuel variability

  • Fuel to Steam Ratio
  • Steam Load
  • Steam Properties
  • Steam Density/Mass
  • How much energy is in a ton of steam?

How do you measure moisture content of biomass to optimize the Fuel Pit?

Create an intro paragraph here and then write more detail about each other measurement points below.

flue gas moisture

steam load

feed rate

Advantages of Measuring Flue Gas Moisture at Plants

Create a numbered List of Advantages. Think in terms of benefits and tie that back to applications. I.e. Higher efficiency, lower cost, longer run time, easier to maintain, more consistent steam, less lime usage etc.

1. provide feed forward to dry scrubber applications (this seemed to be a benefit, maybe you can break that down further into why that is helpful)

2. etc

Where should you measure flue gas moisture on a solid fuel boiler

  • Use this section to highlight how the H20 sensor is the only one that can measure at the economizer.
  • Create a branded diagram of a solid fuel boiler that shows the location of H20 sensor
  • Include pictures of the H20 sensor

[IMAGE Here]

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H20 Moisture Sensor Applications

Air heater in-leakage
Dry scrubber control
Environmental reporting
And much more...

Technology Document

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H2O Sensor Technology Manual

Everything you wanted to know about the H2O Moisture Sensor.
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