Corrosion Resistant Humidity & Temp Sensors
May 25, 2021 by Jeff Bossong

There are many industrial processes that contain acid or caustic gases.  Power plants, potash dryers and ore processing are just a few harsh industrial environments.  These applications need accurate humidity and temperature sensors to control the process efficiently.  Humidity also has a large impact on the acid gas dew point temperature.  In most applications, the plant wants to keep the process temperature above the acid dew point temperatu... Read More

High Particulate Process Humidity Sensor
May , 2021 by Jeff Bossong

Many industrial process gases have high particulate loading.  Measuring process parameters (ie. humidity, particulate size, oxygen content) can be very challenging. The key issues are maintenance and blinding of the sensor.  For a humidity sensor to be useful, the maintenance must be low or the plant will not be able to use for control. Blinding causes the sensor to not respond to process changes which provides inaccurate ... Read More

Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensors
May , 2021 by Jeff Bossong

An accurate, reliable humidity measurement has always been an issue for high temperature, high particulate, corrosive and condensing environments. Most OEM (dryer, boiler, kiln, HRSG…) manufacturers do not include humidity sensors as part of the control package because of the increased cost to the customer.  Another reason is that there are a lot of humidity sensor technologies that will not work in those environments and the OEMS do not want to expose themsel... Read More

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