Steam Quality Sensor

Apr 20 2017

H2O has adapted our absolute humidity sensor to provide steam quality measurements.  Our standard sensor utilizes dipole moment technology which measures the density of a process gas. It is a fixed volume, direct measurement of steam / process humidity.  The raw unit of the sensor is g/m3.

Non-condensable gases will be determined with our standard system.  The density of the saturated steam is fixed at any given temperature and the difference between our measurement and the steam table density will provide the non-condensable gases.

The liquid steam quality adaption includes a heated probe, a pressure sensor and an automated valve.  The sensor is mounted to a valve which is mounted to the steam line. The probe temperature is heated above the process steam temperature evaporating all liquid within the steam.  An enthalpy balance between the saturated steam, heater energy and super heated steam enthalpy allows us to solve for the steam quality.

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